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New Photos Show Off Unreleased Huawei Ascend D2

Hauwei announced the Ascend D2 a few weeks ago to be shown off at CES, but we got an early peek at the device. These photos show off some good angles of the D2 and the source of those photos confirms at there will be a 5″ display with an HD resolution (possibly 1080p), a 1.5GHz quad core processor, 13MP camera, a 3,000 mAh battery, and Android 4.1…. Read more

Huawei Is Spending $90 Million On A New R&D Center

Huawei is investing 70 million Euros (90 million US dollars) over the course of five years to create a new R&D center (Research and Development) in Finland. The R&D Center will be located in Helsinki, Finland. That’s just 15 miles down from Nokia’s headquarters in Espoo, Finland, which is about to be sold, effectively putting 3,700 workers out… Read more

White House Finds That Huawei Is Not Spying, Still Uneasy

Remember last week when we reported that the US government feared that Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei may be using its devices to spy on the US? Well, it looks like it was a false alarm, as a new report states the White House has no evidence that suggest Huawei is using spyware. While this is good news for Huawei, the report also claimed that… Read more

Canada Wants To Stop Huawei From Building A Secure Network

Huawei and ZTE haven’t gotten a break recently. This time, it’s specifically Huawei. Canada has hinted that it does not want Huawei building its secure network. When asked about Huawei, Andrew MacDougall said “I’ll leave it to you if you think… Huawei should be a part of a Canadian government security system.” That doesn’t bode well for Huawei. It’s… Read more

AT&T Announces New Prepaid Data Plan & The Huawei Fusion 2

Following its announcement of the Sony Xperia TL earlier today, AT&T has made another announcement surrounding a new prepaid data plan and the new Huawei Fusio 2. According to the press release, the new prepaid data plan offers 1 GB of data for $65/month, including unlimited texting across over 100 countries. AT&T claims that this plan is $10… Read more