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Huawei Shows Off Emotion UI Android Overlay

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD47-8GdDJI&feature=player_embedded#! I love MIUI! Jokes aside, Huawei considers the app drawer confusing to new Android users. Maybe their thought is “If they’re coming from iOS, we’ll make them feel at home!” but I don’t quite know. The app drawer keeps things organized and clean, and provides one place where you can… Read more

Revamped Hauwei Ascend P1 Hitting UK Store Shelves Soon

The Hauwei Ascend P1 has only just been made available in the UK, but sources are now reporting that the smartphone will be given a few hardware improvements as it makes a full-scale launch. Before the smartphone hits European stores, Huawei will be overhauling the hardware to give it a more “premium” feel. In addition, an extended 1,800mAh battery… Read more

T-Mobile Announces myTouch and myTouch Q, Made By Huawei

T-Mobile has announced two new myTouch phones, simply named the myTouch and the myTouch Q. Deviating from the trend of HTC making the myTouch line, these two phones are made by Huawei. The myTouch Q only differs form the myTouch with the slide out keyboard. Otherwise, they have the same specs. The spec sheet is light on details, but we can expect a 4″… Read more

Huawei Wants You to Be Able to Talk About Them Correctly

Huawei is a much more recent name to many in the tech world, however, it is quickly picking up momentum worldwide. On the other hand, as the company gains popularity, it also has its name continually butchered. Mostly by native English speakers, the word Huawei has been pronounced in so many different ways, it has become increasingly difficult to… Read more

Variety is Great, Huawei is Here to Add Even More

Huawei may not be quite as well known here in the U.S. of A, but it’s actually one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world. The Chinese company wants to change that and make a name for itself as threat in the smartphone market as well. Its new skin for Android 4.0 devices, dubbed Emotion UI, was just unveiled today. Despite being only for… Read more