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Huawei Mercury for Cricket Wireless officially announced

While Cricket has a few Android devices on offer right now, none of them really stand out like the Huawei Mercury. The device has been officially announced by the regional carrier, with an expected availability date of today. By far this is the best Android device the contract-free carrier has ever offered, so if you’re under the network’s wing or plan to… Read more

Huawei Fusion for AT&T now available as a GoPhone

The Huawei Fusion has actually seen the light of day on another carrier, thanks to T-Mobile. It’s also been known as an entirely different name, being sold on the Magenta carrier as the Sonic. But now it is finally available for AT&T’s network, with a different name, but nothing much else has changed. The Huawei Fusion features a 3.5-inch HVGA… Read more

Huawei Vision goes down under

Huawei’s Snapdragon-powered Vision smartphone has been released in Australia. Tomorrow, consumers will be able to purchase the phone exclusively in Allphones stores at $279 unlocked or on contract with Optus. The phone rolls out with Android 2.3 (albeit with a complete visual overhaul) under its hood. The phone is only 9.9 mm thick and features an… Read more

Huawei Glory for Cricket passes the FCC gauntlet

We’ve actually seen the Huawei Glory before. When we did, though, it had a different name (a name that may still see international waters). Under the guise of the Huawei Glory for Cricket, the Honor is indeed a high-end device heading for the regional carrier, Cricket, as we can see from the pretty obvious branding on the back of the device. The image… Read more

Huawei 4G tablet for T-Mobile caught on camera

So if you’re a tablet fan, then you probably got pretty excited about T-Mobile’s announcement yesterday that the Magenta carrier would be carrying Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 device. But, if you’re a tablet fanatic, then you’re probably waiting to hear more tablet related news. So here you go: a new image suggests that T-Mobile USA is getting ready to launch… Read more

Huawei Impulse 4G launching for AT&T September 18 for $29.99

While most eyes are on the next high-end Android device to hit the market, not everyone wants to spend the big bucks to get that device. So if you’re on AT&T’s network and you’ve been waiting for a new entry-level device, Huawei has you covered. The company has just announced their Impulse 4G device, which will be landing on AT&T’s network on September… Read more

Huawei MediaPad packs Honeycomb into a 7-inch bundle

Huawei may not be the biggest name in Android, but that isn’t stoping the company from producing quite possibly the most drool-worthy Honeycomb tablet to date. Today, June 20th, the Huawei MediaPad has been unveiled, and boy does it look nice. Borrowing on some design elements from other top manufacturers across the globe, the MediaPad features an… Read more