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Google and Huawei working side-by-side on new device

Shortly before January 5th, 2010, when the internet first heard whispers that Google would be putting out a device bearing their name, everyone already knew the manufacturer: HTC. Sometime after that, it was rumored that the next device to be launched with Google branding would be manufactured by Motorola. Fast forward several months to now. Google has… Read more

Huawei 2.8″ wonder

No, it’s not called the Wonder, it’s just a wonder how Huawei managed to put 2.2 on a device before some of the larger manufacturers in the world. Engadget China got a tip on a new Huawei device being pushed out in August that will feature Froyo 2.2 as one of it’s many selling points. The rest of the specs? 2.8″ QVGA 3.2mp camera w/dual LED… Read more

Huawei S7 hanging out with eXpansys

Hey, you guys remember eXpansys right? They were the ones kind enough to let us borrow an Acer Liquid and an HTC Legend to review. Well today, they are hitting the front page of DroidDog for another reason. As of right now, eXpansys is the only ones carrying the Huawei S7 tablet for the low low price of around $450. What are the specs you… Read more

T-Mobile Pulse to see Android 2.1?

A user in the MoDaCo forums is reporting that Huawei is working on 2.0 and 2.1-based ROMs for the Pulse, the first of which may be ready by April. The purported quote from Huawei–copied below–indicates that T-Mobile will need to approve the software (obviously) before release, so the timing might not be right on here. However, as the MoDaCo poster points… Read more