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Canvas: the face of Pulse

…as well as the face of a few other forthcoming T-Mo devices, one would assume. More juicy stuff from Regionzone, pulled from the latest ROM by TwistedUmbrella… somewhere. (See comments for credit issues… Also see more Canvas ROM info here). Since I got the Sprint Hero, I’ve found myself missing the up-and-down swiping of home screen panels that I… Read more

The skinny on Pulse

The folks over at LeakDroid have given us some pretty sharp photos of the UK version of Huawei’s Pulse, and I don’t just mean that they’re in focus. Perhaps the most interesting thing about DrewNo1′s post is the mention of a new custom UI called Canvas. Nicola Shenton of T-Mo UK had this to say: “With Canvas, you have the space and freedom to customise… Read more