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CyanogenMod Rage Comic for Vibrant owners

It’s not polite to complain about free stuff, especially when that free stuff comes from a group of programmers and hackers who have worked hard to deliver the latest and greatest software to all of our phones. Not to mention that the software often includes fixes and features that the OEMs who built those phones may never get around to publishing. And… Read more

Video: Angry Bird questions attack strategy

Man, I love Angry Birds. And why not? It’s a beautifully animated app that offers smooth and fun gameplay with hilarious sound effects and super silly music. (Not to mention Rovio’s seasonal special release and killer merch!) But to be perfectly honest, I never really questioned the premise…at all. At that’s what this video from Dorkly is all about…. Read more

iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry

Thank you once again, Reddit, for bringing some hilarious tech content to my attention. I stumbled onto the C-Section Comic embedded below last night while browsing the paid Reddit is Fun app in bed (free, widget-less version also available). The site’s /r/pics section seemed to be on fire with great imagery at the time. I was reminded where a large portion… Read more