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Verizon’s Motorola DROID Bionic Receiving ICS Update Today

Yesterday, Verizon tweeted that the long overdue Ice Cream Sandwich update for the DROID Bionic is rolling out the next day, which is today. While the update was promised a long time ago, at least we are getting it now. The update is very similar to the DROID RAZR update, resembling a version of ICS closer to stock. Meaning it’s a good update. The… Read more

Motorola Soon Starting DROID Bionic ICS Soak Test

Motorola is known for releasing soak tests to volunteers with new updates, having them install it, test it, and provide feedback. It’s a good strategy. Keeps power users happy, and doesn’t risk Motorola releasing a completely broken update to the public. Owners of the DROID Bionic are receiving emails that Motorola wants to roll out a new soak test… Read more

AT&T Pantech Burst Receiving ICS Update Today

The Pantech Element isn’t the only Pantech receiving an Ice Cream Sandwich update today. The Pantech Burst joins in for dessert with its own update. Unfortunately, it too is not an OTA and requires a Windows PC to install. However, it’s still a good update that should make a lot of Burst owners happy. Here’s a changelog: New User… Read more

AT&T Pantech Element ICS Update Ready For Download

If you bought a Pantech Element from AT&T, today will be a good day for you. Your tablet will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich today! Pantech is rolling out the update today, and it can be downloaded from their website, just click here. You’ll need a Windows PC to flash the update though, it won’t be an OTA sadly. Still, it’s a good update, and I… Read more

Motorola Says No Joy To ATRIX 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Motorola might have given ATRIX 4G owners a little bit of hope earlier in the week by addressing future Ice Cream Sandwich plans with a short statement saying “further plans coming soon,” giving some reason to believe Motorola would provide an update. Unfortunately, “soon” came almost right away as Motorola has updated the ATRIX 4G page and made… Read more