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Some Atrix 2 Users Receiving ICS Update Soak Test

Motorola is just not releasing a soak test for the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola Atrix 2. Yes, when Samsung is already rolling out Jelly Bean to the S III, this phone is only in the process of testing the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Ridiculously late, Motorola, but better than never. This is the message select users are getting: Thanks… Read more

HTC Thunderbolt to Finally Receive Ice Cream Sandwich in LiquidSmooth ROM Form

While the HTC Thunderbolt may have been lost in the shuffle for an official ICS update, LiquidSmooth and XDA have teamed up to bring the Android device a milestone update.  Their conjoined effort is promising to fix bugs and bring the long anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich to an “old” smartphone. According to a post by an XDA member, the collaborative… Read more

A New Tablet Contender – Toys ‘R Us Announces a $150, Android 4.0-powered 7-Inch Tablet – Named Tabeo, Releases October 21

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Toy ‘R Us has made an announcement today pertaining to the release of it’s own Android-powered tablet geared specifically towards children. The tablet, titled the ‘Tabeo’, will be a 7-inch device priced at $150, and will be available at all retail locations starting on October 21st. Currently… Read more

Kernel Source For ICS On the Rezound Gets Released For Developers To Have At It

If you’re an HTC Rezound owner who likes to tinker with their phone then today’s a good day for you. Why is it a good day? Well HTC just released the kernel source for ICS build 3.14.605.12 which means that development should be able to progress much faster now. If you’re not into messing with your phone then this probably doesn’t matter to you but if… Read more

Sony Xperia Tablet S Official: Slim Design, Tegra 3, Android 4.0, starts at $400

At it’s 2012 IFA Event, Sony formally announced the Xperia Tablet S and, as rumored, it features a Tegra 3 chip, Android 4.0 and up to 64GB of built-in storage. Like last year’s Tablet S, it has that distinctive folded-over magazine shape, except this go-round it’s made of metal, and measures between .35 and .47 inches thick. The weight has dropped as… Read more