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GSM Galaxy Nexus Gets Stable CyanogenMod 9 Designation

CyanogenMod 9 has become officially stable for the GSM Galaxy nexus (Maguro). This means that the team has deemed this ROM pretty much bug free. Their standard for stable is very very high, so you know what this means. However, I don’t quite see a reason to ever flash it. After using a Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean, I don’t think CM9 could ever be an… Read more

Root: Google Now Almost Fully Working On Ice Cream Sandwich!

Google Now has essentially been ported to Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs. This is the full, legit search, including the very natural Jelly Bean voice. I have tested it on my Galaxy S II running 4.0.4, and it works quite well most of the time. Sometimes the app can not show anything on screen, no matter what version I use, but in general it works well and… Read more

Galaxy Note ICS Update Comes with a Few Surprises

Some new features have surfaced on the International Galaxy Note after its Ice Cream Sandwich update. A “Premium Suite” of  new features, including a greeting cards application (My Story), Formula Solving, improved S Memo interface and more are added to the already fully functional device. In addition, it seems Samsung included a few extra features… Read more

Verizon Xoom Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Now

While the Motorola Xoom received an update fairly fast, the Verizon model suffered a much worse fate. The Xoom was supposed to be the Nexus of tablets, it was the base for development and should have gotten every update fast. Verizon, what have you done? This and the Galaxy Nexus… I can’t watch. Drama aside, I’m glad the update has come at all. I’m… Read more