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Doom 3 Being Ported To Android, Slowly

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alh10DWRu5E&feature=player_embedded As you can tell, Doom 3 on Android hasn’t progressed very far. I mean, it’s amazing that the engine is running on an Android device at all, but it isn’t a playable game yet. Developer, very very impressive! Especially considering that it’s a Desire HD, which is pretty old hardware…. Read more

id Software seeks Android coder

FPS forerunners id, pioneers in Linux gaming and creators of the unforgettable games series Quake and Doom have turned their sites to Android, as evidenced by a job posting over at Gamasutra. Included in the job description is a requirement for understanding existing id mobile engines: “The Android programmer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with… Read more