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Does the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 Have a Market?

The Samsung Wifi 3.6 MP3 players was announced earlier this week at IFA. It features one of Samsung’s popular 3.6″ SAMOLED panels, a 1 GHz OMAP processor and either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. It has a small 2MP sensor on the back and a front-facing shooter for video calls. In short: this is the phone without the phone. So where does that place the… Read more

Toshiba AT200 tablet unveiled, sports ultra-thin body

Toshiba is at it again in the tablet market, unveiling a brand new Android-powered device that will have at least a few of you out there clamoring to get your hands on it. This tablet in particular seems to focus almost primarily on portability, which is something that needs to be a focus for a tablet. The Toshiba AT200 features an ultra-slim frame, and… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note showcased at IFA

Samsung had plenty to announce at this year’s IFA over in Berlin, so it’s no surprise that, coupled with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the company is taking plenty of the attention. Along with the 7.7-inch tablet device, the manufacturer has also unveiled a brand new smartphone, called the Galaxy Note. Then again, with how big this smartphone is, many people… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 officially unveiled

The rumor mill had begun to suggest that Samsung would indeed launch a new tablet at this year’s IFA over in Berlin, and a leak also helped to confirm the suspicion. But the wait is over, as Samsung has officially unveiled their brand new tablet device. And, as you might expect, the device features a 7.7-inch display, making it a bit more portable than the… Read more

Samsung unveils Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro ahead of IFA

So what’s the best way to get folks excited about an upcoming trade show? That’s easy: you simply give a morsel of what you’re showing at that said trade show, and you’ll immediately have people eagerly anticipating what you’ve got in store for the actual event. That’s exactly what Samsung has done by releasing information on four brand new devices, along… Read more

Eric Schmidt’s IFA closing keynote

There wasn’t as much news as I had anticipated when Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt delivered the closing keynote today at the IFA even in Berlin, Germany today. That isn’t to say that the man didn’t discuss anything interesting, only that there were no big Gingerbread or Google TV bombshells in the speech. Schmidt discussed a voice translation product that… Read more