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T-Mobile Galaxy S II Receiving ICS Tonight!

It’s finally here! It’s quite a big event, as Samsung has updated a US Galaxy SII to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sure, it wasn’t the fastest update, but it was faster than most phones were upgraded stateside. And T-Mobile has the honor of being the first carrier to have their SII updated to the coveted Ice Cream Sandwich. Software version T989UVLE1 will be… Read more

Want To Reset Your Galaxy SIII’s Flash Counter? TriangleAway Has Been Updated For The SIII

The app TriangleAway, a staple of any rooted Galaxy SII user’s arsenal, has been updated for both the Galaxy SIII and the international Galaxy Note. Apparently Samsung integrated some new protections for the flash counter. While the Galaxy SIII is completely open, warranty isn’t as safe, so tread with caution and no one is responsible for any possible… Read more

5 Ways Verizon Could Ruin the Samsung Galaxy S II

It seems like the rumor mill has been in top gear lately with all the stories regarding the anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy S II. The device has been a hit overseas, notching more than 5 million sales in just 85 days on the market. It’s doing especially well in European countries and on the Korean market. For comparison, the original Galaxy S… Read more