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[UPDATED] Verizon DROID Incredible 4G LTE: First Impressions

Upon receiving this phone, I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetics. I thought it was a pretty nice phone and a good size. 4″ has always been my sweet spot for phone screens, despite using a 4.3″ device, so I enjoyed holding this again. It’s smaller than my Galaxy SII, but thicker. Felt nice in the hand. The more I used it, the more I fell in love… Read more

Samsung Galaxy SIII First Impressions [Video]

I’ve had Samsung’s flagship Android device in my paws for a little bit now, and I figured it was time for a brief initial impressions video. So far my thoughts on the device have been very positive, and a number of things have stuck out to me, including the lightweight hardare, beautiful display and silky smooth performance. So sit back, relax and enjoy… Read more

Chrome Beta for Android First Impressions [Video]

Now that Chrome Beta for Android has been available for a bit, I’ve taken some time to develop my first impressions of the application. It’s obvious that the Chrome team is a separate division of Google that does its own thing, but we really like what they’ve done so far, especially with the tablet experience. It feels like a “real” web browser now…. Read more