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HTC Thunderbolt to “Rule the (LTE) Air”

Verizon’s super hero inspired commercial for LTE in which a young man sprints to the mailbox and back to a barn before uncasing a bolt of lightning might be revealing the branding of their first LTE device, The HTC Thunderbolt. The monikers Incredible HD and Mecha have been bandied about for months around this oft leaked gadget without much… Read more

Mystery HTC device connected to Verizon’s LTE (Mecha?)

HTC seems to be drumming up some buzz with a series of well controlled leaks (also well timed, considering their proximity to CES) of the device thought to be Verizon’s LTE flagship packing Sense from HTC. And ooh la la, yesterday’s close-ups (first two images below) were sexy, but today’s reveals that neat little LTE logo on the dark notification bar…. Read more