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Google Adds Tons Of Info To Movies Via Cards

If you’ve ever been watching a movie, and wanted to know what actor is in it, or what song is playing, or more about the movies and actors in general, Google has an awesome feature for you. If you’re watching a movie in Google Play Movies and TV and you’re using an Android tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich and up, you can now get more information on the… Read more

Google Talk Offering Similar Function To Google Now

Only a small percentage of Android devices have Jelly Bean, and Jelly Bean is the only way to have Google Now. It’s a very useful app I find myself actually using once in a while. However, if you don’t have Jelly Bean, or even an Android phone, you can experience a small part of Google Now yourself. If you have a Google Talk app on any device, and add… Read more

New HTC One X+ And HTC Accord Details

New information has been leaked about a few HTC phones. First one is the HTC Accord. It is a Windows Phone 8 device, said to have Verizon LTE, a 1.3MP front facing camera, an 8MP rear camera with a very fast shutter speed and “phenomenal” quality despite lacking ImageSense, 16GB of memory, and a plastic construction. The phone feels solid though…. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Sign Up Page Live

Just saw our announcement of the Galaxy Note II? Excited to have your hands on this phone? Well you should probably sign up for more info. Samsung has launched their sign up page, which will send you more info about the device as it is available. All you need is a name, email, and a zip code. So if you’re interested in more info, hit the source link and… Read more

We Might See A Black Galaxy S III (More Info)

Samsung put this image (and another) up on their Facebook, in an Olympics-themed album. None of us thought much of them. There was a little while before the launch of a man unboxing a gray Galaxy S III, and Samsung said it was nothing but the lighting. So seeing a black S III didn’t really shock us, probably some mess up on Samsungs end. The thing… Read more

NBC Releases Two 2012 Olympics Apps For Android

NBC and Adobe have teamed up to give people the most coverage possible of the 2012 Olympics by creating two Android apps. Together, they will provide over 3.500 hours of content on 32 sports. The two apps are free, but one is not free to use. The NBC Olympics app will provide all the information you need, including real time schedules, medal counts,… Read more

AT&T Releases Sign Up Page For Galaxy SIII, Yay!

AT&T has put up the sign up page for the Samsung Galaxy SIII! They haven’t released a date or a price yet, but you can enter your email address for more information as it is available. Just like with every other carrier, the SIII looks identical to all the others and comes with the Snapdragon S4 processor. Overall, this wonderful. They chose LTE over a… Read more