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Samsung Files Request To See Apple, HTC Settlement Details

While Samsung has already described their unwillingness to settle with Apple, that doesn’t mean they don’t want a sneak peek at the details behind the Apple, HTC settlement. On Friday afternoon Samsung filed a request seeking a copy of the licensing agreement Apple has with HTC. Samsung says its wants to see what patents are covered and if those… Read more

Apple, Samsung Granted Additional Motions To Pending Lawsuit

US Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal granted both Samsung and Apple new infringement claims to the second patent lawsuit the companies are now embroiled in. Samsung, for its part will add the iPhone 5 to its patent-infringement claims while Apple will add the Galaxy Note, US version of the Galaxy S III and Jelly Bean. The addition of Jelly Bean… Read more

2010: Samsung Outlines 126 Different Ways The Galaxy Series Can Improve To Be More Like The iPhone

Apple succeeded yesterday in getting yet another internal Samsung report comparing the iPhone to Samsung’s own Galaxy S series into evidence. This report from 2010 shows Samsung highlighting 126 different aspects of the company’s Galaxy S smartphone line that were considered to need improvement. Samsung is recognizing that Apple’s user experience is… Read more