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Brian’s DogGone Best Apps Of 2012

2012 was an eventful year for Android overall. Samsung dominated the smartphone market, Apple sued everyone over anything and everything, HTC’s profits dwindled, and Google released the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10; all high-end devices for budget-friendly prices. So it’s natural that we recap which moments and creations were our favorite for the… Read more

Instagram Reverses Terms Of Service, Won’t Be Selling Your Photos

Photo sharing social network Instagram recently decided to change its terms of service, with revisions that suggested the company may begin to sell users pictures to companies. Why anyone would buy the filter-destroyed photos, we may never know, but more than a few users reacted in a less than positive way. Instagram is now going back on their word, and… Read more

Facebook’s Acquisition Of Instagram Complete: What To Expect

It’s done. Instagram is now owned by Facebook. The deal is complete, and Instagram isn’t that little hipster company anymore. What a tragedy! Not according to the two companies, it isn’t. The Instagram team may be already moving into the Facebook offices, but they say that the “Instagram app and its features will stay the same one you know and love.”… Read more

Does Facebook Still Reign Supreme For Android Users As The Top Social Media Network? Has Twitter Taken Over?

Facebook has been and will likely remain a love it or hate it social media network. Some in the social media world, swear by it and others have sworn off of it for varying reasons, often transitioning over to Google+ as the new “it” social media network. So where do Android users truly stand with social media app usage? The “good” news for Facebook… Read more

Instagram Updated With Tilt-Shift Capability, World Cheers

Oh how it looks like Instagram on Android is getting all the good stuff before our frenemies in the iOS camp. The newest Android version, 1.1.0 adds tilt-shift for “supported devices,” enabling smartphone users to add a whole lot of blur to shots giving them a miniature effect. It’s not at all necessary, but a whole lot of fun and something to add to… Read more