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Intel Bringing Jelly Bean into its Atom Architecture

Intel has officially declared it is porting Jelly Bean to its low-power Atom architecture. Suzy Greenberg emailed PC World stating the project is underway but offered no information on a release time. Intel has done this before when Ice Cream Sandwich was first released, so it’ll likely be a similar story. Intel’s work has appeared on devices such as… Read more

Can Intel make a decent mobile processor?

If you own a modern smartphone, chances are it runs on an ARM based processor from manufacturers like Qualcomm or Texas Instruments. These processors are low power compared to those inside a computer, and offer less performance. Mobile operating system don’t require all that much power, and the low power usage makes ARM processors ideal for mobile phones…. Read more

Motorola’s Android 4.0 Intel-based smartphone leaks, expected for Mobile World Congress

Intel has been trying to enter the mobile game for awhile now, and Mobile World Congress might be their grand entrance. A new phone created by non-other than Motorola has just leaked, featuring Intel’s Medfield processor. It gets even better, as the handset will run the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. Instant-on and quick burst features will also be on board,… Read more

Intel shows off their Atom 2460 chip running in a smartphone

Right now, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there is plenty going on. But, if you’ve been keeping an eye on what Intel has had planned for this event, then today marks a pretty good day. Over at Intel’s booth on the showroom floor, the company has unveiled their smartphone running an Intel chip. To be specific, it’s the Intel Atom 2460. Of… Read more

Intel’s first Medfield customer to be LG

Intel sent waves through the Android community when they announced that they would be jumping into the SoC game recently. Now, though reference designs were released to manufacturers, we had not heard from any device makers that their new Medfield chip would be incorporated into any new offerings. Well, that changed today. LG Electronics, the South Korean… Read more

Intel releases reference design for new Android phone

ARM has been the dominant force in the mobile industry mainly because most of the phones we’re seeing are based on ARM processors. Well, Intel had something to say about that and it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more from the processor manufacturer come 2012. The latest word from the computing giant is that their new SoC (Intel Medfield) is the newest… Read more

Intel still working on x86 version of Android

A long time ago, we ran a post here at DroidDog about how Intel was working on a version of Android that would work on their popular x86 architecture, as opposed to ARM that Android is written for now. This is one of those stories that takes a long time to evolve. When we first talked about Android x86, it mainly revolved around getting Android on… Read more