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DroidDog Interviews Stefan Bielau, Co-Founder Of Zapstreak

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya4-MihpHQU It’s our honor to present an interview with Stefan Bielau, the co-founder of an upcoming SDK for Android apps known as Zapstreak. Apps featuring Zapstreak will be able to seamlessly stream content to connected devices without need for an extra piece of hardware. Watch our whole interview with Stefan above, and… Read more

Videos: Google’s open source year in review

Chris DiBona is Google’s Open Source Programs Manager, and oversaw many of the over 100 Google projects released in 2010. This week, he sat down with GNU/Linux wiz Jeremy Allison for a casual video interview to talk about Android, Chrome OS, new technologies like WebM, the Summer of Code, licensing, the state of open source around the world, some personal… Read more