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Google I/O Keynote Announces Mind-Boggling Stats, Including 900 Million Android Activations

Google’s I/O keynote is underway and they just announced a mind-boggling stat. As of 2013, Android has activated more than 900 million devices. That’s 900 MILLION! That’s up from 100 million in 2011 and 400 million in 2012. That’s not all as Google Play just crossed 48 billion app installs with 2.5 billion coming in the last month. Wrap your head… Read more

Poll: What Google I/O Rumor Are You Most Excited About?

Can you believe Google I/O is already less than week away?  I can’t. I’m pretty excited about it.  And the most exciting thing to me is how well things are being kept under wraps by Google.  There have been the occasional leaks here and there, but I haven’t seen any leaked images of new devices.  That hasn’t however stopped the rumors from flying… Read more

Google I/O Scheduled For May 15-17 2013, Once Again In SF

Google has finally announced the dates for the Google I/O developer conference. It shall take place from May 15th to May 17th 2013 and will be held, as always at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. Strangely, the Google I/O page has not been updated; it’s still stuck in 2012. However, at least we know the dates. Also, registration details will be… Read more

What Do You Think Of The Nexus 7?

Google announced the Nexus 7 at I/O in June, bringing them into the tablet hardware game. They began shipping about mid-July, so it’s been a little more than a month. Everyone’s had them, so we’d like to know. What do you think of the Nexus 7? I got my Nexus about a week after they began shipping, and I can say that there hasn’t been a day since… Read more

[Root] Possible Fix For Transformer Prime I/O Bottleneck

One of the biggest problems, if not the biggest, with the ASUS Transformer Prime is that when the device is writing to its internal memory, all other tasks slow to a halt. When updating apps, for instance, the tablet becomes nigh unusable. Tasks freeze constantly and it just becomes a slow mess. However, there is hope. This hope comes with a price… Read more

Google I/O Schedule Is Live, Go Explore What’s In Store!

Google has posted the full 3 day schedule for Google I/O here for everyone to check out. This includes all the workshops and keynotes given at each time for each day, even with each location. For those going to Google I/O, this will let you plan out which workshops you want to go to. If, like me, you aren’t going to Google I/O, this is just a great look… Read more