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Review: Google I/O 2011 for Android

Google I/O is here! There have been a lot of interesting posts already from DroidDog regarding things that have come out of this conference, including our complete Roundup. The free Google I/O 2011 app from Google can be a pretty handy companion for keeping track of what’s going on at the conference – whether you’re present or not! It allows you to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Google I/O edition on Ebay

Are you angry that you weren’t able to snag a ticket for this year’s Google I/O in the 59 minutes it took before they were sold out? Now be honest: How much of that frustration was generated by the news that this year’s freebie–a common thread and hotly anticipated unveiling at every I/O–was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Well, don’t kick yourself;… Read more