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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admits iOS 6 Maps app not up to company standards – suggests alternatives like Google Maps

Following the launch of iOS 6, Apple has been taking heavy criticism from its customers pertaining to the buggy and incomplete nature of its new Maps app. While Apple has been doing their best to make timely updates in an effort to improve the product, the issues are coming in too quickly and are far too frequent. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has published… Read more

Motorola Takes A Shot At Apple’s Poorly Received Maps App

There’s little question that Apple’s new Maps app introduced with iOS 6 has been poorly received. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that calling the app “poorly received” would be putting it mildly as Apple’s Maps app is the subject of ridicule by Motorola, Nokia, and so many others. Apple had to know that moving away from Google Maps was a… Read more