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Microsoft Office Native App Coming To iOS & Android – Confirmed By Microsoft Product Manager

Microsoft has been immensely busy with the impending launch of Windows 8 (scheduled for October 26) and its Surface tablets. Sources have hinted at, however, that Microsoft has also been busy preparing  native versions of its Office product for both iOS and Android platforms.  Well the news has been confirmed – speaking at a press event in the Czech… Read more

New court documents hint at Samsung not exactly copying Apple

Earlier this year in August, a 9 person jury concluded that Samsung had infringed upon multiple design and software patents of Apple. This trial was the main event of the year for the mobile industry as the two titans faced off in a battle of epic proportions. Ultimately the verdict awarded the Cupertino-based company $1.051 billion in damages…. Read more

Samsung Moves Forward In Appeal Of Jury Verdict In Apple Patent Case – States Evidence of Jury Foreman Bias

Samsung has not let down on their stance pertaining to the verdict decision from their trial against Apple. Continuing their appeal of the final verdict, Samsung is making a new claim – they have evidence that shows jury foreman Velvin Hogan’s bias against the Korean company. In numerous interviews, Hogan revealed that he held a role in influencing… Read more

Google’s Schmidt Says Maps Not Coming To iOS

Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, was in Japan to announce the Nexus 7 being available there, and he left us with a few words on the Maps debacle on iOS. If you didn’t know, with iOS6, Apple decided to drop all Google apps (Maps and YouTube) and use their own variants. They included Apple Maps, built off data from TomTom and another company… Read more

Market Survey – 50% of Verizon Activations Are For Android Devices, 48% Of Market Activations Are Android

The latest survey by ComScore, reveals Android is the leading mobile platform, in the nation (something that has been widely accepted and known). While not a surprise, Google’s Android OS continues to cement itself as a viable alternative to Apple’s iPhone. Google has to be happy with Android’s performance as their OS has 52.2% market penetration in the… Read more

ComScore Shows Android Is On Top, Samsung Still Top Dog

Nothing has really changed here. Android is still on top, with a 1.4 boost since April. It is now in the lead at 52.2% of market share in the US. Apple is at second, with 33.4%. RIM took a 2.1 point hit and is now at 9.5%, while poor Microsoft is at 3.6%. We want Windows Phone to succeed, but it just isn’t working out great. With OEMs, it’s… Read more

Apple v. Samsung Patent Infringement Saga Continues – South Korean Court Rules on Korean Case

The Apple vs. Samsung case has been an ongoing media circus here in the US. However the battle between these two tech behemoths is truly an international one. In case you might have missed it, Apple and Samsung have been disputing over in Samsung’s native Korea. In that case a ruling has been made with the Seoul District Court now laying out a split… Read more

Android Is Definitely Winning The OS “War”

Word has just come from Gartner, a top global research tech firm, that overall within the last quarter, Android has outsold iOS devices nearly 3-to-1 while capturing 64% of the worldwide market share. Gartner also reports that overall global sales for Q2 2012 dropped 2.3 percent compared to Q2 2011. These numbers however just further cements Android as… Read more

Samsung vs. Apple Trial – Samsung shows evidence of Apple copying tech from other companies

In the Samsung vs. Apple case, the Korean giant is out to prove that the technology that Apple is claiming they pioneered with the first iPhone, was actually in fact, copied from other companies. With Apple’s case completed, Samsung has stepped into the aggressor role. Samsung is stating that Apple stole the “bounce-back” feature – or the way the… Read more