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Editorial: Mobile Games Are Taking Two Routes: The Console Route, And The Casual Route. No Middle Ground

Mobile gaming has gone so far in the past few years, especially this last year. There have been so many wonderful games for phones lately, and it’s truly the future of gaming. One device for calling, texting, managing business, taking photos, and playing games. It can do it all. It’s truly amazing, if you ask me, to see what developers can do on a… Read more

Judge Lucy Koh Bans Key Samsung Designer from testifying In Apple Vs. Samsung Case

As The Apple vs. Samsung trial rages on; details continue to emerge that show things are not going in Samsung’s favor. Most recently, residing Judge Lucy Koh has signed a document barring Samsung designer Hyong Shin Park from testifying in the courtroom. Park has been quoted as saying Samsung’s phones were inspired by a “bowl of water” as opposed to… Read more

Samsung Makes The Switch From An iPhone To A Galaxy S III A Little Easier With Easy Phone Sync

Samsung is throwing everything it’s got at Apple with it’s Galaxy S III and today they’re making things even easier for a user of Apple’s software like an iPhone by teaming up with Mushroom Media to create Easy Phone Sync. Easy Phone Sync allows you to simply hook up your USB cable to your Windows PC or Mac and then transfer your music and media from… Read more

Google’s Innovations at WWDC 2012

Maps and navigation in iOS. A Safari Omnibar and Tab Sync. These are just a few of the things announced today at Apple’s Worldwide Developer conference that you can already use on your Android device. Let’s take a quick video look at Google’s Innovations that made their way to WWDC 2012. Complete list of “new” WWDC Introductions: Documents in… Read more

iOS 6 Is Apple’s Biggest Disappointment, Has Android Won?

Today was a big day for Apple, a major player in the tech world. It was the beginning of their annual developer conference, known as WWDC. It was kicked off with a keynote, and among the announcements were a refresh of the MacBook line (along with the reveal of the new MacBook Pro – I want that thing so much, even if I need to sell a kidney), talk about… Read more

Google Maps Kicked Off Of iOS List Of Stock Apps

This has been rumored for quite a while, but it is now official. Google Maps will no longer be included on any iOS device. Apple has purchased many companies and is using their assets to create their own maps service to rival Google. The Maps app on iOS devices has not exactly been the best app. Apple had designed it with Google’s assets, and the… Read more

Clambook Takes Motorola’s Webtop Idea To A Whole New Level

Clamcase has created the Clambook, an ultrabook without the guts. Very much like the Motorola Webtop docks, you plug in your phone and it will act like an internal display, keyboard, and trackpad. It’ll work with the iPhone, but is really optimized for Android. It has an MHL port, which will output audio and video, and will provide power to the phone…. Read more