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Carmageddon Launching On Mobile Devices This Summer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKjEfS0IRT8&feature=player_embedded It seems that everyone but me knows what Carmageddon is. Though I have not experienced it before, I can’t wait for its announced mobile launch. It looks like an arcade version of Grand Theft Auto that’s only in cars. It’s coming to both iOS and Android, so rejoice! All you really do is… Read more

Android 4.0 vs iOS 5: A Google user’s Perspective [Video]

Besides the user interface adjustments that make each mobile OS unique, one of the biggest differences between Android and iOS is access to Google applications and services. Yes, both operating systems have web browsers that can access Google services, but native application support is a pretty big deal in both worlds. On Android there are Google… Read more

Android devices coming the US government and military

The United States of America’s government and military have been looking for a smartphone solution recently, and they have found one that makes the cut. As soon as this year they may begin shipping out phones to US soldiers and government officials featuring a heavily customized and locked down version of Android. While no handsets have been specifically… Read more