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Apple goes after Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus unlock feature

Apple and Samsung are at it again. This time, Apple is attacking Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus’ lock-screen unlock feature. You’ve seen it in plenty of videos by now, if you’re not using it yourself. The simple method of sliding to unlock the screen has the Cupertino-based company all in a tizzy, and they’re taking legal action. According to Apple, the… Read more

Nielsen reports Q4 numbers: Android on top and iOS gaining

Well the Q4 numbers are out and no one’s surprised. It looks like both Google’s Android and Apples iOS are gaining some traction in terms of market share. Android rushed in at about 46.5% which is a gain of 3 percentage points from Q3. iOS took silver with a gain of 2% up to 30% in Q4. Other OS, as predicted either saw extremely small gains (Windows Phone 7… Read more

Eric Schmidt Says Android Will Turn the Tables on iOS in 2012

Eric Schmidt sat down at Le Web in Paris to talk about Android, among other things. He made some bold statements regarding iOS to a crowd dominated by Apple gadgets. Schmidt declared that “Android is ahead of the iPhone now.” The crowd stared back in silence. Schmidt explained that in terms of unit volume, price, and vendors Android is beating the… Read more

Appeals judge in Australia agrees with Samsung, says ban on products is unfair

Samsung hasn’t had the best of luck in Australia as of late, and it’s due entirely to the legal battles the company is having with Apple all over the world. It wasn’t too long ago that Apple won a major suit in the ongoing troubles, where the result was Samsung’s local subsidiaries were unable to actually sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Obviously that had a big… Read more

Judge in the Netherlands bans sales of Samsung Galaxy S, S II and Ace due to violating Apple patent

Samsung and Apple are still waist-deep in a huge legal battle surrounding certain patents, and it doesn’t look like Samsung is catching any breaks. Not in the Netherlands, anyway. A recent ruling from a judge in the Netherlands has revealed that sales of the Samsung Galaxy S, S II and Galaxy Ace have been barred in certain European Union countries. It’s a… Read more

Google+ app for iOS on its way

Erica Joy of Google posted on Google+ today indicating that a dedicated Google+ application has been submitted to the Apple App Store for approval. The mobile site version of the social network is up and running for users who just can’t wait for the official application. It isn’t clear if the iOS software will accomodate phone and tablet modes. The… Read more

Words With Friends: Android

There aren’t very many multi-player and multi-platform games you can play with your friends on both iOS and Android. Words With Friends is one of those rare apps. It began as an iOS only game and grew immensely in popularity – On May 14th of this year, the developers released their newest version for free in the Android market. For those of you… Read more

Breakdown: Android 2.3 vs iOS 5 for iPhone

When it comes to rivalries in technology, Apple and Android may be relatively new to the ring, but that doesn’t mean the two don’t make for some of the most interesting headlines in the industry. Well today, the next round of the mobile-tech fight is about to kick off. Apple has announced iOS 5 and all the new features that come with it. How do those… Read more

Browser battle: Android vs iOS [Update]

Update: Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris has already fired back, saying that “testing is flawed because they didn’t actually test the Safari web browser on the iPhone. Instead they only tested their own proprietary app which uses an embedded web viewer that doesn’t take advantage of Safari’s web performance optimizations.” Apparently, by not… Read more