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Nexus 7 Overtook iPad In Sales In Japan Last Month

Just like Android broke through the phone market and landed on top, it’s doing the same for the tablet market. In December, the Nexus 7 overtook the iPad in sales in Japan, according to Nikkei. Nikkei is Japan’s largest daily, and they reported on a survey of 2,400 electronics stores, finding out sales of their tablets. From the results, the iPad held a… Read more

FTC Backs Apple Against Google’s Attempt To Ban iPhone And iPad

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has sided with Apple against Google’s attempt to ban iPhones and iPads over Standard Essential Patents (SEP). The FTC stated that to seek an injunction against the iPhone or iPad would be harmful to both innovation as well as consumers. The Google Motorola Mobility division contains SEP’s that they’re obligated to… Read more

Gap Between iPad And Android Tablet Sales Closing Fast

Though Android tablets have been doing better and better, until recently they were absolutely no competition to the iPad. In a shocking bit of news, apparently that gap is closing fast, with the iPad holding a 55% market share and Android tablets holding 44%. But consider that many analysts thought that it would take even longer for Android to catch up… Read more

Samsung Brings In The iPad Mini, iPod Touch, and 4th Gen iPad Into Its Lawsuit Against Apple

Samsung wants to bring in more devices in its war against Apple. It has accused the iPad Mini, the latest iPod, and the 4th gen iPad of infringing on the patents of its current case. It comes to no surprise seeing as how Apple has accused the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy SIII, and various other devices of infringing on its… Read more

Apple Ordered To Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees In UK Dispute

Apple may have made nice with HTC, but their ongoing trouble with Samsung in the UK has them yet again back in the news. After posting an apology the Judge didn’t like, a rewritten apology was accepted, albeit pushed down on Apple’s webpage so it was out of view. That crafty maneuver has led a UK court to order Apple to pay all of Samsung’s legal… Read more

Blending Tablets: Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5MMmLQlrBws There isn’t much to say about this video but to just sit back and laugh (and cringe, that too). The tablets are broken in half, placed in industrial blenders, and blended into dust. The worst part is breaking the tablets in half, it’s criminal. But it’s FOR SCIENCE! Enjoy, don’t try this… Read more

Apple Tablet Market Share Drops As Overall Tablet Sales Increase

While Samsung may have the edge in smartphone sales, when it comes to tablets, Apple has dominated since the release of the original iPad. However, the newest third quarter results from the IDC suggests Apple’s iPad market share was responsible for just over half of the 27.8 million shipments worldwide. The IDC attributes part of Apple’s slight drop off… Read more