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Google Sends Letter To Senate Judiciary Committee, Claims Some Apple Patents Should Be Standard

It’s no secret that the US patent system is incredibly flawed and Google is trying to get the point across to Senate Judiciary Committee. In a recent letter the company is defending Motorola’s side in its most recent ITC ban, citing standards-essential patents (SEPs). While collaborative play an important part in the overall standard setting system,… Read more

Samsung And Apple Being Forced Into Settlement Talks

The lawsuit saga between Apple and Samsung may finally be coming to a close, at least in the US. As many may recall, Apple kicked things off by suing Samsung last year over the Galaxy line of phones and tablets. Our pals at Samsung weren’t going to let that go, and in return hit right back with a countersuit. The battles have been going on all over the… Read more

Why the new iPad is good for Android

For those unaware, earlier today Apple announced the latest iteration of its popular iPad line of tablets. Simply known as “the new iPad”, it features specs like a dual-core processor with a quad-core GPU, 5MP camera, LTE connectivity, and most importantly, a display with a resolution of 2048×1536. While come may call it overkill, it’s still impressive feat… Read more