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Samsung Galaxy S III Pitted Against iPhone 4S In A Drop Test

Now we all know that drop tests aren’t the most scientific of ways to determine if a phone is durable or not but they can be amusing and at least give you a very rough idea of the phone’s durability. In this one, the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S are both sentenced to three different drop tests and surprisingly the all-glass iPhone 4S fared better…. Read more

New Samsung commercial goes after the iPhone 4S and Apple fans

Calling all Android fans!  Samsung’s new commercial advertising the Samsung Galaxy S II (and the soon to be released white Galaxy S II for T-Mobile) has shown up on YouTube poking fun at Apple’s die-hard costumers.  This will likely be the commercial that you Android faithful will show your iPhone 4S friends. The commercial speaks for itself, so go ahead… Read more