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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admits iOS 6 Maps app not up to company standards – suggests alternatives like Google Maps

Following the launch of iOS 6, Apple has been taking heavy criticism from its customers pertaining to the buggy and incomplete nature of its new Maps app. While Apple has been doing their best to make timely updates in an effort to improve the product, the issues are coming in too quickly and are far too frequent. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has published… Read more

Samsung Mobile Head J.K. Shin: Galaxy Note 2 Will Sell 3 Times Faster Than The Original

Earlier today, in Seoul, Samsung held a press conference to welcome the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in South Korea. No stranger to making bold statements, Samsung’s Mobile Head J.K. Shin made a few predictions for how well the company’s new flagship device will sell over the next few months. According to Bloomberg, following Apple’s record… Read more

SquareTrade Puts The iPhone 5 Against The Galaxy S III In A “Household Trauma” Test, Who Will Win?

Setting aside our smartphone OS allegiances for the moment, durability tests are an inevitable part of high-profile launches these days and our friends at SquareTrade pitted the Galaxy S III against the iPhone 5. Who will win? Of course, we should say that this test isn’t exactly scientific and if it were performed again, the odds might be… Read more

Motorola Takes A Shot At Apple’s Poorly Received Maps App

There’s little question that Apple’s new Maps app introduced with iOS 6 has been poorly received. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that calling the app “poorly received” would be putting it mildly as Apple’s Maps app is the subject of ridicule by Motorola, Nokia, and so many others. Apple had to know that moving away from Google Maps was a… Read more

The iPhone 5 Launches Today, How Does It Stack Up?

Hard as we might try on the Android side, the iPhone 5 launch can’t be ignored, and thanks to our friends at WireFly, we’re getting a look at how it compares to some of the more recent Android phone launches. Sure, we might have added or dropped a phone or two from this list, but with the EVO 4G LTE, Galaxy S III and RAZR M on here, we’re pretty… Read more

Samsung, Apple Ready To Spar Again Over LTE iPhone 5

In a move that is likely to surprise absolutely no-one, documents have been sent to a federal court in San Jose California from Samsung’s legal team “anticipating” the addition of the iPhone 5 to a list of patent complaints against Apple. Samsung admits that it will have to “analyze the device” before definitively adding the iPhone 5 to their… Read more

Sprint Hits Big Milestone, One Million LTE Devices Sold

Although their LTE network is very sparse right now, that’s not stopping Sprint from selling LTE devices. In fact, they’ve just hit a huge milestone; one million LTE devices have been sold for Sprint. Now, not all the devices are in consumers hands right now, as the number also counts for the recent iPhone 5 pre-orders. There’s a good chance that this… Read more

Samsung Mobile USA Facebook Page Asks Which Phone You Would Want On Deserted Island, Doesn’t Get The Response It Wanted

Uh oh Android faithful, better get in there and show some love for Samsung as a question posted on their Mobile USA Facebook page has backfired in a big way. When asked what would be the one electronic device respondents could bring on a deserted island, the response was definitely not what Samsung was hoping for. As of this writing, more than 90% of… Read more