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CNN Report: Verizon Wireless Sales Reps Push Android Over iPhone

While the Android/iPhone “war” continues in the hearts and minds of smartphone users everywhere, a new CNN report indicates Verizon Wireless employees are pushing the company’s 4G LTE devices over the iPhone. CNN’s David Goldman spoke with ten Verizon sales reps in the New York area, both on phone and via online chat and in all ten conversations… Read more

Samsung And Apple Being Forced Into Settlement Talks

The lawsuit saga between Apple and Samsung may finally be coming to a close, at least in the US. As many may recall, Apple kicked things off by suing Samsung last year over the Galaxy line of phones and tablets. Our pals at Samsung weren’t going to let that go, and in return hit right back with a countersuit. The battles have been going on all over the… Read more

I went into Android withdrawal after only one day away

All of my friends know that I own multiple smartphones, 5 to be exact. Excessive, I know, but I like having every modern mobile operating system available to me. That’s right, I have two Android devices, a BlackBerry, a Windows Phone, and even an iPhone. For over a month I have been rocking a GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver, the best… Read more

Apple goes after Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus unlock feature

Apple and Samsung are at it again. This time, Apple is attacking Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus’ lock-screen unlock feature. You’ve seen it in plenty of videos by now, if you’re not using it yourself. The simple method of sliding to unlock the screen has the Cupertino-based company all in a tizzy, and they’re taking legal action. According to Apple, the… Read more

New Samsung commercial goes after the iPhone 4S and Apple fans

Calling all Android fans!  Samsung’s new commercial advertising the Samsung Galaxy S II (and the soon to be released white Galaxy S II for T-Mobile) has shown up on YouTube poking fun at Apple’s die-hard costumers.  This will likely be the commercial that you Android faithful will show your iPhone 4S friends. The commercial speaks for itself, so go ahead… Read more

iPhone vs Android Commercials [Video]

If you’ve been following Android for more than about a month, you’ve probably seen an ad or two from Verizon for the DROID RAZR, Bionic, or another in their 4G lineup. Verizon spent more than 100 million to advertise the original Motorola DROID at launch, and it paid off big time. But have they taken it too far? Take a look at this video comparison between… Read more

Espier Launcher Review [Video]

There’s a new launcher on the block – it’s called EspierLauncher. It’s known around town as the iPhone clone, but nobody’s forcing you to install it. In fact, it’s a pretty inelligent third party launcher for someone switching from iOS to Android. It has the same folders, icons and user interface as iOS. Are you a switcher? Check out the full video… Read more