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Google+ app for iOS on its way

Erica Joy of Google posted on Google+ today indicating that a dedicated Google+ application has been submitted to the Apple App Store for approval. The mobile site version of the social network is up and running for users who just can’t wait for the official application. It isn’t clear if the iOS software will accomodate phone and tablet modes. The… Read more

Google introduces Translate app for iPhone

For the last two-and-a-half years, iPhone users have only been able to access Google’s astounding translation suite via an HTML5 web app. Today, Google released the dedicated Google Translate program for free in the Apple App Store (iTunes link), giving iOS fans the full app functionality that Android junkies have been enjoying for approximately one… Read more

Video: Installing Android on an iPhone 3G

Did you see Alberto’s post on installing Android on his iPhone 3G a few days back? If so, you know that there are some features missing and some performance issues with iAndroid. But it’s best if you see all of that for yourself, right? Adriana from Today’s iPhone has posted a video of the installation process as well as a bit of OS walk-through. She… Read more

Bed Intruder star pimps sex offender app

Antoine Dodson took the world by storm when he addressed the would-be rapist of his sister on a local news broadcast, a recording of which was then auto-tuned, remixed, and referenced the world around. One video by the Auto-Tune the News crew (second video below) has over 34 million views at the time of this writing. One crazy pop culture junky even got the… Read more

Android running on an iPhone 2G

A year after getting the Linux kernel running on the iPhone, David Huang (sp?) – “better known as planetbeing on the Internet” – has returned to his iPhone 2G hacking and demonstrates in the video below his dual-boot iPhone/Android setup. Using the OpeniBoot boot loader, one has only to hold down the iPhone’s home button in order to run Google’s OS as an… Read more