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LG Optimus G Review (AT&T/Sprint)

LG hasn’t had much luck in the Android device market, but their previous phones haven’t been all that great. However, the LG Optimus G was meant to turn things around for LG. They packed really high end specs into a very premium body. It looks good, and on paper, is supposed to fly through any task. But how does it fare in every day use? Read on to find… Read more

LG Intuition For Verizon Launching Online On September 6th?

It looks like September 6th is shaping up to be a big day for Verizon’s Android lineup with the launch of not one, but two devices. With the Samsung Galaxy Stellar and the LG Intuition arriving the day after Verizon’s big announcement with Motorola, Big Red is certainly beefing up their Android lineup. The boys from Engadget got their hands on… Read more

LG confirms “B” leak, will reveal at CES

Yesterday, Phandroid leaked some images and display specs of a mysterious, slim, and very bright LG device called B. Once the post was picked up by every tech and Android site/blog out there, someone over at LG’s CES 2011 Twitter account decided to confirm the existence of the handset, linking to Engadget’s post on the leak and saying that the device will… Read more

LG B rocks IPS display, thin body

One of the (many) key differentiators to be found in the construction of the iPhone 4 is the stunning retina (IPS) display, but Apple doesn’t have an exclusive on that technology and LG appears to be working on a new device, referred to as “B,” that features a 4.5″ IPS display with a slim body that makes the iPhone 4 look a bit chunky. Rob from… Read more