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New Version Of Google Wallet Coming, Spreading Beyond Android

Google Wallet has been met with very few actually using it, and will soon be facing the heat of competitor Isis. Before the huge initiative begins, Google may be relaunching Wallet. On the Wallet webpage, it now teases that a new version is coming soon. It also reveals that they are looking to expand past Android, onto iOS and other devices. You can… Read more

Isis Officially Launching October 22nd With 20 Compatible Phones By The End Of The Year

Isis has confirmed that they are launching the service on October 22nd. And just like before, it shall launch in Austin and Salt Lake City for now. They also claim “as many as” 20 smartphones will support Isis, but the older devices might be left out. A bit sad, I always hoped my aging AT&T Galaxy S II will get Isis, since it has an NFC chip. Though the… Read more

Verizon HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE Getting OTA Update Soon

The infamous DROID Incredible 4G LTE is getting a software update sometime soon. It doesn’t get any of the fixes we want (using the multitasking button as a menu button, and various fixes for bugs present in the software), but it’s still a good, if small, update. Basically, it adds Isis Mobile Wallet support for the future, and global roaming now (why… Read more

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Getting Small Update Through Kies

The T-Mobile Galaxy S II is getting a new update, though it’s very minor. The new build is LH1 and it stays on 4.0.3 (which is too bad, Samsung’s 4.0.4 builds are a massive improvement). You’ll need the Kies computer software to install the update. The changelog states bug fixes and “ISIS/NFC update” which is very interesting. This is the first trace… Read more