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Isis is a bad thing for the Android development community

Payments through NFC have become increasingly more popular, through methods like Google Wallet. By simply pressing an enabled smartphone to a credit card terminal, a payment is made for the product being purchased. In all, it is a useful feature. However, it has been greatly restricted due to limited availability. Google Wallet is currently the only… Read more

Google Wallet headed to 10 new devices on Sprint this year

Sprint has so far been the only carrier to offer full support of Google’s new payment option, Wallet. On top of that, only the Nexus S 4G actually takes advantage of the service, due to the NFC chip on board. Sprint is planning on ramping up with the service this year however, and will be offering at least 10 new devices. Only the LG Viper 4G is confirmed… Read more

Google Wallet isn’t all that great

Many Android users have been very excited about Google Wallet, something that has been available since last year on a select few Android devices. When I say select few, I mean two. Only the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM version only) and Nexus S 4G have officially supported the service since its launch, so only owners of these two devices can safely use the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus on AT&T now has Google Wallet support

Samsung Galaxy Nexus users in the US have pretty much been out of luck if they wanted to use Google Wallet, as all the major carriers excluding Sprint have blocked the app. There have been hacks to get the app up and running, but still no official support. Today that has changed, as AT&T is now allowing install of the app on unlocked Galaxy Nexus’ running… Read more