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Sony Xperia Z Getting Updated, Possible Sudden Death Fix?

The Sony Xperia Z is receiving its first system update, and fairly quick at that. However, Sony may have every reason to be fast. Without a changelog, or issues fixed, this might be the update that delivers the sudden death fix Sony promised. Which is a very fast response on Sony’s part, if this is actually the fix. However, without official word, we… Read more

People’s Sony Xperia Z Handsets Randomly Dying

It seems that a significant amount of people are having their Sony Xperia Z handsets just die out of nowhere. Some can be revived (by holding power and volume up), some never come back to life. It seems we have another sudden death issue on our hands. So far, people have not found a link between all the deaths. Some people’s devices die, some don’t…. Read more

Samsung In The Process Of Fixing Galaxy S III Sudden Death Issue

Last we heard, small batches of Samsung Galaxy S III’s were dying out of nowhere. Sometimes, people rebooted their phones and the phone would refuse to turn on. Many speculated it had something to do with the memory, but we do know that the entire mainboard has to be replaced. Fortunately, Samsung has been great about it and replacing phones no matter… Read more