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24 hours on the EVO power plan

7:15 pm, Thursday, August 26th. That’s when my new Seidio Innocell 3,500mAh extended EVO battery finished its first charge, according to my EVO 4G. I expected a major improvement in my gadget’s daily lifespan after installing the roughly $70 (with shipping) brick. After all, it should hold more than twice as much juice as the 1,500mAh battery that shipped… Read more

App(s) review: JuiceDefender & UltimateJuice

48 hours of regular Nexus One use; always on, no charging. That’s what JuiceDefender (free) and its partner app, UltimateJuice (€2.79; $3.76 at the time of this writing) have done for me. JuiceDefender, on its own, is a great app. With it, you can set up a profile that will determine under what conditions your data connection will be active and for how… Read more