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Swype Beta Updated To 1.3, Many New Features

Swype Beta has received a hearty update to version 1.3, and it brings a lot of new and very useful features. The first you notice is probably the look. Swype now comes with 10 different themes that you can choose from, and though they look very similar, it’s a very nice touch. They also have a new feature called “Hotwords,” which populates your… Read more

SwiftKey 3 On Sale For $1!

SwiftKey, probably the greatest keyboard ever to grace the Play Store, is now on sale. It is only a dollar right now, even though it’s easily worth the full price. Not only is it fast and smooth, but the predictions are unrivaled. It will read your mind. Personally, I just bought it. Uninstalled the version I got from the Amazon Appstore. It was the… Read more

Sears Offering Free Keyboard Dock With ASUS Transformer Pad TF300

The ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 is already a great deal. For $400, you get a Tegra 3 processor and Jelly Bean. It’s a solid tablet, but you need more incentive don’t you? Well if you buy one right now at Sears, they’ll give you a $150 keyboard dock free. That dock contains a keyboard, trackpad, USB ports, an SD reader, and a big battery. So for $400,… Read more

SwiftKey Launches Analytics To Help Improve It

SwiftKey has launched “SwiftKey Analytics” which is an experimental new app that collects mathematical data about how you use SwiftKey. It is identical to SwiftKey 3.0.1 otherwise, which is the current Play Store version out. This is exclusive to VIP members, so not just anyone can have it. The data collected is fully anonymous and does not contain… Read more

Fleksy Keyboard, From Creators Of BlindType, May Be Magic

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuLFcZ0O05M&feature=player_embedded BlindType never made it, due to being bought by Google and integrated into Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard. While the implementation was good, and ICS keyboard turned out great, the autocorrect wasn’t quite as good as BlindType showed off. Well it might be getting a second shot at big… Read more

SwiftKey Updated To 3.0.1, New Themes And Languages

SwiftKey has been updated to 3.0.1, and this update brings a few significant changes. The first is themes. There are two new themes included, sky blue and fuchsia. Neither is particularly attractive to me, but I’m a fan of dark and sleek (like the stock cobalt theme). It also adds two languages, Malay and Urdu, making the total number of supported… Read more

Experience The New Jelly Bean Keyboard On Your ICS Device

  Jelly Bean brings with it many new features, but one of the most interesting ones is the entirely reconstructed keyboard. Appearance-wise, it remains the same, though Google has made some serious back-end improvements to improve word prediction. Beansoft has ported the keyboard to Ice Cream Sandwich devices running 4.0.3 and above. The app,… Read more

Google’s Predictive Text Keyboard From Jelly Bean Now Available To Any Device 4.0+

Been craving that new predictive text keyboard from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean? Your wish has been granted as developer, Beansoft, has ported the keyboard from AOSP and it’s in an alpha state. Currently, you can’t input your own words into the dictionary as it will force close then but some hiccups are to expected with such an early build. I haven’t picked… Read more