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Editorial: Every Phone Should Have A Kickstand

Last Friday HTC was kind enough to send me a review loaner of the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and I’ve had the chance to spend all weekend with it. So far I have been really liking the device, and it shows that HTC is making some progress in its Android phones. Of all the bells and whistles the phone boasts, one very unexpected thing has stuck out to me, and it’s the… Read more

HTC Previews Upcoming HTC One S Case And Kickstand

Looking for a case to offer a little added protection to your newly purchased HTC One S? HTC has previewed their upcoming cases for the One S, including kickstand and non-kickstand variants. The cases come in four colors — gray, granita (red), navy blue (looks royal blue in the pictures)? and black. HTC used a precision-molded flexible plastic shell… Read more