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Including The Visually Impaired, Amazon Bringing New Accessibility Features To The Kindle Fire And Fire HD 7″

Traditionally, many companies haven’t done  a whole lot to try and help visually impaired consumers use their electronics but Amazon is one of the exceptions. They originally started by incorporating text-to-speech into the original Kindle e-reader and now they’ve informed us all that they will be bringing Voice Guide and Explore By Touch to the… Read more

Amazon Says Kindle Family Sales Double Last Year, Cyber Monday Biggest Ever

At this point I don’t think anyone disputes that Amazon is selling a lot of their Kindle product line, but every time they issue a press release that says “biggest day ever” or “sales doubled” we’re getting annoyed. Amazon’s press release issued early this morning says that Cyber Monday was the company’s “biggest day ever” for Kindle sales worldwide,… Read more

Amazon Announces Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD Shipping Today

Amazon just announced via press release that the Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD tablet will begin shipping today, two months after it was announced by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos. The $299 tablet which features a beautiful 1920×1200 HD display with 254ppi will be available from Amazon’s website today, and available in Best Buy stores tomorrow. The $449 LTE… Read more

Amazon Announces Kindle Fire HD Becomes Its Best Selling Product, Receiving OTA Update Soon

Earlier today, Amazon announced that it’s Kindle Fire HD has become the online retailer’s best selling product since its launch. Specific sales numbers were not released, but the company did reveal that a fresh OTA update would be arriving soon. This update brings with it a new feature entitled “FreeTime”. The new FreeTime feature allows parents… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ Unboxing [Video]

Well friends, here is our first hands-on look at the newly released Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″.  You know the drill.  I open the box, show you what’s inside, and give you a little tour of the device.  I misspoke in the video.  It has a micro USB and micro HDMI, as well as pointing out the ports backwards.  I tried correcting myself in the video but… Read more

Amazon Says Yes To Opting Out Of Ads On Kindle Fire HD Tablets

Amazon said they were working on a way to opt out of the Kindle Fire HD ad model and they worked fast, offering a $15 one-time fee to remove the ads. Amazon received widespread criticism for the placement of ads in the first place, or “special offers” as their commonly known in Amazon’s world. Amazon’s current model of Kindle e-readers provides a… Read more