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Each Kindle Fire generates $100+ in revenue for Amazon

Before the Kindle Fire was released, there were a lot of doubters. People that doubted the tablet’s ability to appeal to the masses. People that doubted that a forked version of Android would be viable. People that doubted Amazon’s ability to develop a proprietary market for app distribution. Well, look who’s eating their words now. It looks like an analyst… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire bumped to software version 6.2.2

The first tablet device from Amazon, the Kindle Fire, has seen its fair share of updates since its launch, and now the device is getting another one. This latest update brings the device up to software version 6.2.2, and has one main feature in line: full-screen browsing. That’s not all, though. The update is being rolled out in stages, but you can check… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire gets an early taste of Ice Cream Sandwich

The Amazon Kindle Fire, the online retailer’s first tablet device, is more or less a big hit for the company. While it may not be the tablet to replace devices like the ASUS Transformer Prime, it’s still a tablet for someone who just wants media at the touch of their finger without having to give up a ton of money. But, with that being said, people who… Read more

Kindle Fire stops blocking Android Market

Amazon pulled a dirty trick on its new Kindle Fire, as any user that tried to go to the Android Market website would be redirected to Amazon’s. They’ve decided to change that however, as the site can now be accessed from the tablet. No, apps from the Market still can’t be downloaded to the tablet, but at least Amazon has unrestricted content. Mad Amazon… Read more

Conan burns the Kindle Fire

Looks like Conan O’Brien had a little fun last night at the expense of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Looks like Team Coco’s latest release brings to levity to various issues that consumers have been complaining about. Well “bad press” aside, looks like Android is indeed part of mainstream media and pop culture. In any case, the Jeff Bezos look-a-like who… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire updated, breaks root again

The tablet that’s selling like hotcakes gets updated again. Of course, we’re talking about the Amazon Kindle Fire, the little $200 tablet that could. The newest update, 6.2.1, brings fixes for several issues that have been plaguing Fire owners as of late. This includes the ability to remove content from the carousel of recently used items, the ability to… Read more