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Amazon Says Kindle Family Sales Double Last Year, Cyber Monday Biggest Ever

At this point I don’t think anyone disputes that Amazon is selling a lot of their Kindle product line, but every time they issue a press release that says “biggest day ever” or “sales doubled” we’re getting annoyed. Amazon’s press release issued early this morning says that Cyber Monday was the company’s “biggest day ever” for Kindle sales worldwide,… Read more

Blending Tablets: Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5MMmLQlrBws There isn’t much to say about this video but to just sit back and laugh (and cringe, that too). The tablets are broken in half, placed in industrial blenders, and blended into dust. The worst part is breaking the tablets in half, it’s criminal. But it’s FOR SCIENCE! Enjoy, don’t try this… Read more

Editorial: Is The iPad Mini Truly Dangerous To Android Sales?

On Tuesday Apple lit the internet ablaze with the announcement of their long anticipated iPad Mini. Smaller than its older brother – the iPad – and cheaper as well, it set a new spot in Apple’s product lineup. Prior to this, Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs stated it hadn’t been interested in a 7-inch tablet, but it looks like the slew of budget Android… Read more

Amazon Announces Kindle Fire HD Becomes Its Best Selling Product, Receiving OTA Update Soon

Earlier today, Amazon announced that it’s Kindle Fire HD has become the online retailer’s best selling product since its launch. Specific sales numbers were not released, but the company did reveal that a fresh OTA update would be arriving soon. This update brings with it a new feature entitled “FreeTime”. The new FreeTime feature allows parents… Read more

Barnes & Noble Releases Nook HD 7″ And 9″ Tablets

Amazon has just refreshed their Kindle Fire line, so it was expected for Barnes & Noble to react accordingly. And they did, and in a pretty shocking way. They’ve announced two new tablets with some surprisingly fantastic specs and prices. And two important notes: Kindles don’t come with wall charges, while Nooks do, and most importantly, none of the… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ Unboxing [Video]

Well friends, here is our first hands-on look at the newly released Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″.  You know the drill.  I open the box, show you what’s inside, and give you a little tour of the device.  I misspoke in the video.  It has a micro USB and micro HDMI, as well as pointing out the ports backwards.  I tried correcting myself in the video but… Read more