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[UPDATE] Kindle Fire HD 7-Inch Already Rooted!

It’s official: The Kindle Fire HD 7″ has been rooted! No details, procedures, or downloads are up yet, but they will soon! It’s just exciting to see some gaining root so fast, on a fairly locked down device. Stay tuned, we will bring you the details as soon as they come! Do this at your own risk. This could be a dangerous procedure, and we are not… Read more

A Few Of The New Amazon Kindles Now Available

Three new Kindles have launched today. First one is the Kindle Reader, selling for $69. The next one is the revamped Kindle Fire, with double the RAM, a faster processor (probably overclocked), and a bigger battery. It’s only $159. Of course, probably the most important Kindle released today is the Kindle Fire HD 7″. With a 1280×800 7 inch display,… Read more

Amazon Says Yes To Opting Out Of Ads On Kindle Fire HD Tablets

Amazon said they were working on a way to opt out of the Kindle Fire HD ad model and they worked fast, offering a $15 one-time fee to remove the ads. Amazon received widespread criticism for the placement of ads in the first place, or “special offers” as their commonly known in Amazon’s world. Amazon’s current model of Kindle e-readers provides a… Read more

Amazon Says They Are Working On An Opt-Out For Kindle Fire Ads

Yesterday we reported that there will be ads in all Kindle Fire models, with no way to opt out. Well Amazon decided to clarify that there will be a way to opt out, though they don’t know how just yet. They haven’t stated a method to do so, but it will be “announced soon.” It’ll probably be a flat fee, and something ridiculous most likely. Seeing as the… Read more

New Amazon Kindles Now Available For Pre-Order

All the Kindles announced today are now up for pre-order, mere hours after the event. This includes the e-readers too, like the Kindle Paperwhite. While we love e-readers here at DroidDog, our focus is definitely on the Kindle Fires. We reported earlier on all three of the new models, which includes the updated Kindle Fire, the new Kindle Fire HD 7″,… Read more

Amazon Has Kindle Fire HD 7″ Model Too, $199

The 7″ Kindle Fire HD is pretty much identical to the 8.9″ HD, except for the size. It’s powered by the same dual core OMAP 4470, has the same dual Wi-Fi antennas, dual speakers, 16GB of storage, and HD front facing camera. With that size difference also comes a price difference: the Kindle Fire HD 7″ will be a clean $199. The screen resolution has not… Read more