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Amazon Santa app for the Kindle Fire now available

Want to save money on stamped envelopes to the North Pole? Well look no further. The Amazon Santa app for the Kindle Fire could be your direct line to the big red-robed man. We’ll maybe not, but it sure is a great app for the young ones. You and your kids can browse over “500,000 family-friendly toys, games, books, music, video games, movies and TV… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire software update version 6.2 now available

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the Amazon Kindle Fire has done better than we thought that it would do. The Kindle Fire currently sits above the iPad 2 and the Nook Color on Best Buy’s best selling list, taking the top spot. So, this news might apply to a lot of people out there. Amazon is updating the Kindle Fire to version 6.2… Read more

Oberon Design ereader covers and sleeves

Oberon Design specializes in leather and pewter, producing original works that range from hair clips to journals. I recently got my hands on two of their ereader protection products, the Nook Simple Touch book-like cover and the large ereader sleeve, which I’ve been using for my Kindle 3 and original Nook. Each case runs $60 and features detailed design… Read more

Kindle vs. Nook

Introduction: Full disclosure: I am a Nook fan. I have been since my purchase of the first Nook, and my experiences with the Simple Touch (unboxing, review) and Nook Color (review) have been, for the most part, very postivie. Though, I’ve found that e-ink is the best reason to choose an e-reader over a tablet for reading. (See my comparison of the… Read more

Amazon rumored to be building Android-powered Kindle, or tablet

There’s never any drought on the rumors. While Amazon is getting ready to launch their own Appstore for Android, it looks like the online retailer may not be happy with just building a huge virtual store with Android apps inside. Rumor has it that the company is also planning on including Android in a future version of their ridiculously popular eReader,… Read more

Amazon readying Kindle app designed for Android tablets

Amazon has announced that they will be releasing more versions of their Kindle app for larger screens later this year. Amazon’s Kindle app for iPad has found a home in the top ten free downloads from the App Store, and Windows and Android tablets will soon have their own flavor of the program, complete with Whispersync support that keeps your place… Read more

Amazon for Android goes color with magazines

Amazon’s Android application just got a serious shot in the arm with an update that allows users to buy, read, sync, and discover more than 100 newspapers and magazines in full color. Android is the first platform to see the update because, as Amazon’s Kindle VP said, it represents the fastest growing user base of their application. Check out a list of… Read more

Kindle for Android now available

Hey all you Kindle fans out there, have you downloaded your copy of the Amazon Kindle app for your Android device yet? Well go ahead! It’s all ready for ya. The app isn’t quite all there yet, but Amazon is quickly working on that. Here’s what they have to say: We hope you are enjoying this version of Kindle for Android and the large selection of… Read more