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Samsung Galaxy Note II Hitting US Cellular October 26

US Cellular may not be the largest carrier in the US, but that isn’t stopping them from releasing the latest Android flagship. This Friday, October 26th, US Cellular will begin selling the Note II. Interestingly enough, they’ve beat most other national carriers. Only being a regional one, this is quite a feat. Pre-ordering will run through tomorrow,… Read more

Isis Officially Launching October 22nd With 20 Compatible Phones By The End Of The Year

Isis has confirmed that they are launching the service on October 22nd. And just like before, it shall launch in Austin and Salt Lake City for now. They also claim “as many as” 20 smartphones will support Isis, but the older devices might be left out. A bit sad, I always hoped my aging AT&T Galaxy S II will get Isis, since it has an NFC chip. Though the… Read more

Following AT&T, LG Optimus G Launching On Sprint November 11th

LG announced that it’s popular Optimus G would be launching on AT&T November 2nd just earlier today, but that’s not the only announcements today. The high-end Android phone will also be hitting Sprint, with pre-orders beginning a day before the AT&T’s variant launch, November 1st. November 11th is the launch date itself, with a price of $199.99 on… Read more

French Newspaper Says LG Nexus Will Launch 10/29

We aren’t sure where they are getting this information from, but French newspaper Le Figaro claims that the LG Nexus will be released on October 29th. It is true that Andy Rubin will speak at the D: Dive Into Mobile event, which is on the 29th. It could be possible that he’d reveal the phone and launch it the same day. Or maybe it’s just a confusion of… Read more

Internal Document Suggests Galaxy Note II Launching On T-Mo 10/24

Samsung has an event for the Galaxy Note II planned for October 24th, and apparently T-Mobile wants to launch their Note II the same day. It makes sense, launching the device the same day it is announced by Samsung. Smart move. However, there is reason to doubt this document. It claims that the device will have Need for Speed: Most Wanted preloaded…. Read more