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Apple Ordered To Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees In UK Dispute

Apple may have made nice with HTC, but their ongoing trouble with Samsung in the UK has them yet again back in the news. After posting an apology the Judge didn’t like, a rewritten apology was accepted, albeit pushed down on Apple’s webpage so it was out of view. That crafty maneuver has led a UK court to order Apple to pay all of Samsung’s legal… Read more

Apple, HTC Settle Patent Dispute With 10 Year Licensing Agreement

In a joint press release yesterday evening, Apple and HTC announced that a 10 year licensing agreement has been reached between the two warring parties. The agreement is good for around the world sales of both HTC and Apple devices and the deal includes a 10-year licensing agreement. The agreement, which is confidential was quickly described by HTC as… Read more

Judge To Review Claims Of Juror Misconduct In Samsung, Apple Trial

Judge Lucy Koh has agreed to “consider the questions” of whether jury foreman in the Apple, Samsung trial “concealed information” during the voir dire process. CNET reports that Koh will look into the matter during a December 6th hearing and as part of her inquiry, will require Apple to disclose what information they company’s lawyers knew… Read more

Breaking Down The Apple, Samsung Lawsuit In 90 Seconds

While we’d love to see peace in this world, the uptick in patent lawsuits as of late has us all wondering if we’re just seeing the beginnings of a patent lawsuit free-for-all. If you’ve been a little unsure what everything in the Apple, Samsung lawsuit is all about, this video courtesy of the folks at OnlineMBA.com helps break it down in 90 seconds…. Read more

Oracle Files For Appeal In Java Case Against Google

The lawsuits never end. When Google won the patent case that Oracle brought upon them, we had a glimmer of hope that it was over between the two companies. Of course, that was a foolish thing to think. Oracle has now filed an appeal of the US District Court ruling. If you don’t remember, Oracle lost the lawsuit because the judge found that Java API… Read more

Court of Appeals to Judge Koh: Do-Over on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction

It seems like these Apple-Samsung lawsuits are never ending.  However, the news today is that something has finally gone in Samsung’s favor after being completely ripped apart by Apple. Recently, Judge Koh denied to lift the injunction on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet even after rulings  that the device did not infringe on Apple’s design… Read more