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Apple Wants Another $707 Million From Samsung, Total US Ban

Apple has filed a new motion asking for an extra $707 million dollars from Samsung in additional damages. The figure includes $400 million awarded for design infringement by Samsung, $135 million for willful infringement of its utility patents, $121 million in supplemental damages based on Samsung’s product sales not covered in the jury’s deliberation… Read more

Samsung, Apple Ready To Spar Again Over LTE iPhone 5

In a move that is likely to surprise absolutely no-one, documents have been sent to a federal court in San Jose California from Samsung’s legal team “anticipating” the addition of the iPhone 5 to a list of patent complaints against Apple. Samsung admits that it will have to “analyze the device” before definitively adding the iPhone 5 to their… Read more

Apple Declares War, Adds Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, And Galaxy Note 10.1 To Patent Dispute

And so the war wages on. After Apple successfully defeated Samsung in its month-long patent trial, the company has decided to push its troops forward. The Cupertino-based firm is now claiming that Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note 10.1 infringe on its ’721, ’604, and ’647 IPs. These patents–which should have never been granted… Read more

Apple strikes patent licensing deal with Motorola in Germany

Motorola’s patent lawsuit with Apple has has certainly been overshadowed by the massive Apple vs. Samsung trial. However with that historic case now quieting down, Apple’s focus is now shifting to its battle with Google owned Motorola. Recently released news has revealed however that an unexpected turn has happened in this new saga. A filing on… Read more