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Samsung And Apple Begin To Drop Patent Claims, Still Not Over

Ah yes, the subject that just about everyone is sick of hearing about: lawsuits. This time, we have good news, and it’s actual progress in the cases. No, Samsung was not declared the victor in the ongoing lawsuits from Apple, but both sides have dropped some of the charges. Apple cut its number of claims in half, while Samsung opted to take away 5 of the 12… Read more

Samsung And Apple Being Forced Into Settlement Talks

The lawsuit saga between Apple and Samsung may finally be coming to a close, at least in the US. As many may recall, Apple kicked things off by suing Samsung last year over the Galaxy line of phones and tablets. Our pals at Samsung weren’t going to let that go, and in return hit right back with a countersuit. The battles have been going on all over the… Read more

German court goes in favor of Samsung, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1N will not be banned

Last year Apple was successful in getting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany. Samsung had to create a slight redesign of the tablet, naming it the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Apparently that wasn’t enough, as Apple went after the tablet again by trying to file another ban. The German courts decided that it wasn’t a sufficient reason, and ruled in Samsung’s favor…. Read more

ITC sides with Motorola in patent case, Apple loses

Way back in October 2010, Apple sued Motorola for 3 patents across multiple devices, including the Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X. Their attempt is already losing, as the preliminary hearing went in favor of Motorola. This isn’t the final decision however, as all 6 of the ITC’s judges will need to review the case and draw a conclusion. In other words, the fight… Read more

Hasbro sues Asus over Transformer Prime name

Hasbro, the toy manufacturer, has sued Asus over the Transformer Prime name. The claim states that the name is too similar to the Transformers brand line, specifically Optimus Prime. Hasbro has also said that they are just trying to defend their product names, and the Transformer Prime came too close. The claim was filed last week, and most of the legal… Read more

Skyhook sues Google over Motorola deal, location patent

Skyhook Wireless, maker of location positioning software, was in contract back in April to use its services in the manufacturer’s phones. The suit they filed yesterday alleges that Google bullied Motorola into breaking the contract. According to Skyhook’s accusations, Google required that its own location detection services be used in Android devices,… Read more