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Motorola DROID XYBOARD 8.2 breaks cover

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Remember that rumor that popped up not too long ago, suggesting that Motorola would drop the XOOM title, and go for something a bit more ridiculous? Well, looks like we can basically confirm that as fact, as a new product image for the 8.2-inch tablet has surfaced on the Internet, and XYBOARD is right there for… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon posters arriving in some stores

Over in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer just a rumored device, especially when it comes to a release date. Nope, it’s already out and about in that part of the world, which should make plenty of people here, especially those waiting for Verizon to make an announcement, very jealous. But, as we keep trying to piece together a launch date before… Read more

Acer Iconia Tab A700 and A701 leak, will reportedly feature quad-core Tegra 3 processors and 1920×1200 displays

While the smartphone race seems to be focused on the 720p HD display specification, it looks like tablet manufacturers are looking to up the ante a little bit. At least, that’s what we seem to be looking at here. The above image is of the user agent files from Acer, and we can see two new tablets on offer, both of which look to offer some pretty impressive… Read more

HTC Zeta shows off 4.5-inch display, hides a 2.5GHz quad-core processor and Ice Cream Sandwich

If you aren’t all that interested in the phones that are coming out right now, then maybe talking about a rumored device that could potentially find its way to reality next year will turn things around for you. The large phone you’re looking at right now is supposedly coming down the pipe from HTC, and according to a tipster speaking with Engadget, the… Read more

Motorola XOOM 2 for Verizon to be re-branded as the DROID XYBOARD?

The Motorola XOOM 2 is the real deal, and it’s coming soon. While we still don’t know when, exactly, the device will be launched on Verizon’s network, we know that it will happen. However, the device may not actually launch as the XOOM 2, but have an entirely different name entirely. Unfortunately, the name may not be the best choice out there. There are… Read more

Samsung Illusion for Verizon uncovered on Verizon Infocenter

Not much has been said about the Samsung Illusion, but that isn’t stopping Samsung from pushing the device out this holiday season. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the Illusion, it’s a smaller, TouchWiz UI-fused version of the original Nexus S, which may or may not be a good thing. As far as specifications go, here’s what the Illusion… Read more

HTC Ville breaks cover, will reportedly feature Ice Cream Sandwich

Not that you couldn’t tell from the rendered image above, but this device will reportedly launch with Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich. The device you’re looking at is code named the Ville, and it’s scheduled to be announced by HTC next year at Mobile World Congress (right next to the Edge, for what it’s worth). And, according to BGR, this is a phone that… Read more