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Samsung Has Admitted To Hiring People To Badmouth HTC

Samsung is currently in situation we really didn’t expect. A Taiwanese website called TaiwanSamsungLeaks has accused Samsung of hiring people to talk negatively about HTC on the internet. And surprisingly, Samsung has admitted that it’s true. Samsung “has ceased all marketing activities that involve the posting of anonymous comments” after what they… Read more

US Senator Proposes Bill Amending The DMCA Unlocking Ban

It looks like there is overwhelming support for unlocking phones! First, the petition gets 100,000 signatures, forcing the White House to respond. The White House responds, supporting us! Then the FCC comes out in support for the peoples rights. It’s been a good time for phone tinkerers and carrier switchers. Today, US Senator Ron Wyden introduced a… Read more

Free Mixtapes Offered On Google Play As Apps

Mixtapes are albums made by artists and distributed for free without a record label, being a great way to get your name out there. Well there is a developer named Carson Bath on the Play Store that releases apps that just move these mixtapes to your SD card for playing with any music app of your choice. This developer has mixtapes from many artists,… Read more

Samsung Chose Not To License Apple’s Patents In 2010

New information in the Apple V. Samsung trial suggests that Apple offered Samsung an opportunity to license some of its patents as far back as 2010, which could have kept the company out of its current legal trouble. The proposal would have allowed Samsung to pay a $30 fee for each smartphone it sold and $40 for each tablet. In addition, Apple was… Read more

UK Court Spares Apple From Posting Apology To Samsung

Earlier this month, UK officials ordered Apple to post a notice on its homepage, as well as several prominent news publications, stating that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. It seemed as though an order like this would bring these types of baseless lawsuits to an end. However, through an appeal Apple has managed to obtain a stay on the legal order… Read more